Thursday, December 2, 2010

First post

Cadence is beside me, wrapping herself in paper towels.  Cadence is standing on my chair behing me, hitting me with a groovy girl.  Cadence is playing with the piano and insists on not letting me play when I try to practice.  Cadence spilled a bag of milk today and I've realized that most of her day to day doing is post-worthy material, plus writing it down rids me of a lot of stress.  I am a busy bodied teenager, a singer, a justabouteverythinger and life is hectic with travel team hockey playing brother, two working parents who've just bought a farm and a sister who just doesn't stop ( in a literal sense...literally ).  So this is me, between homework, singing, piano, improv, watching Cady and other day to day things, posting about the crazy happenings brought on by my little other-halfer sister, who is now laying on the floor peacefully while making her groovy girl dance... But it won't last for long, so I say good night and wish myself luck with the math I'm starting to resent.