Friday, February 10, 2012

Day off, but not really

Well, the first try at creating a blog about my sister didn't really realize itself (I posted once) but I think that I'll do better this time.  I have stories enough to fill years of blog material.  As I babysit my sister today, a lot is going on.   My mother left for work at 8am.  By 8:20am I had been chasing Cadence around the dining room table for about fifteen minutes.  Now, this is something that Cady entertains the idea of mostly while under my watch.  If I spend my thursday night with Cady, and watch her for four hours, 95% of that time will be spent chasing her around the dining room table.  Usually, she is holding something she shouldn't be, i.e: my pencil case, important papers, something breakable, anything breakable, Malibu rum she grabbed from the liquor cupboard (for the first time, about five minutes ago),  or she is rattling vases on a sofa table at the back of the dining room.  So begins the great chase.  If you're wearing slippers or socks, this proves to be difficult.  After numerous times around the track, one usually calmly removes the footwear, and continues the pursuit of Cadence.  This morning, I prudently removed the chairs and put them in my parents' bedroom.  This, however, does not stop Cady from hitting and making swing the artwork on the walls.  The "Princess Town" set up for her this morning isn't really a form of entertainment to her anymore.  Her favourite food (Chicken, naturally?) is cooking, the dishwasher is running, so even though I could write for days about even what happened just now, I will go tend to my sister (Otherwise, my phone bill will not get paid).
Peace and patience,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

First post

Cadence is beside me, wrapping herself in paper towels.  Cadence is standing on my chair behing me, hitting me with a groovy girl.  Cadence is playing with the piano and insists on not letting me play when I try to practice.  Cadence spilled a bag of milk today and I've realized that most of her day to day doing is post-worthy material, plus writing it down rids me of a lot of stress.  I am a busy bodied teenager, a singer, a justabouteverythinger and life is hectic with travel team hockey playing brother, two working parents who've just bought a farm and a sister who just doesn't stop ( in a literal sense...literally ).  So this is me, between homework, singing, piano, improv, watching Cady and other day to day things, posting about the crazy happenings brought on by my little other-halfer sister, who is now laying on the floor peacefully while making her groovy girl dance... But it won't last for long, so I say good night and wish myself luck with the math I'm starting to resent.